Sleep is the only thing I’m looking for at this time of the night or rather morning. But for some reason or another I can’t seem to find that $hit!!!! Can someone tell me where it is hiding, I need to communicate with it ASAP.

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Insomnia strikes again.

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Yeah I can’t sleep and it sucks


Yeah I can’t sleep and it sucks

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The Daily Dot breaks down the monetary cost of militarized police (per officer) and one protester’s heroic act of throwing a tear gas canister away from children.

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I love how black people make mike brown the hero instead of the clerk he assaulted and robbed. That guy has to deal with ghetto uneducated thugs and welfare queens everyday and somehow hasn't snapped. I love white people like you who have no extent of the degradation and just blindly bitch about social justice. People like mike brown would kill you if they could, they don't respect the law or society, and think they have the right to do as they please (this applies to all races)


*deep breathes* First things first, glad you stumbled onto my humble blog. Now strap yourself in, cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Seems like the only “uneducated thug” here is your racist ass, since you didn’t bother to bring a single fact into your bullshit anonymous comment. It has been confirmed by multiple sources, INCLUDING the police chief of Ferguson himself, that Mike Brown WAS NOT stopped as suspect in the “robbery” of a pack of cigars from a convenience store. The corrupt pigs masquerading as law enforcement tried and failed to make that claim stick. They even went so far as to release a tape of the theft against the DOJ’s orders to corroborate the mountain of lies building to justify the murder of an unarmed teenager. However, even they recognized that it was time to let that story go.

But let us not be deterred by facts or reality. I find it hilarious that you would talk about people with no respect for law or society in the same breath as Mike Brown. I don’t give a flying fuck if he WAS a thug who stole from that store. Does that somehow make him exempt from due process? Are his constitutional rights somehow voided? The individual who violated the law that day was Darren Wilson, the person sworn to uphold and protect it. You know who seems to be violating the law the most in the aftermath of this murder? Law enforcement, yet again! Conspiracy, violations of first amendment rights, inciting violence, abuse of power, use of excessive force— take your pick. But I’m sure you’re one of those lovely Klan folks that don’t believe “thugs and welfare queens” are even human beings, so why should they be afforded equal recognition under the law.

And while I will settle for high yellow on a bad day, I have never been nor will I ever be white. have no extent of the degradation and just blindly following what exactly?! I’m a queer woman of color living in a homophobic, sexist, racist society. I worry every single day that the next news story I’ll see about a killer cop will feature a family member as a victim. My cousin got roughed up by the police a mile from his IVY LEAGUE school because they didn’t think he belonged in that neighborhood. Fuck, my mother had to be walked into her elementary school every single day for a year BY A US MARSHALL because she dared to go to a white school in a segregated southern town. What do you know about degradation, beyond the way you degrade others through some fucked up perspective you’ve ascribed to entire race/ethnicity of people? I have to deal with bigots like you everyday— it’s amazing that I haven’t snapped. A Black person has never tried to kill me, however I have had a gun pulled on me by a WHITE MAN while canvassing during a political campaign. The only people I’m worried are trying to kill me are people like you. 

In closing: